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The conference CN2017 is over.
The conference CN2017 is over.
date 2014-07-02
update 2017-06-27
CN2017 Awards
Awards and Distinctions
date 2015-07-01
update 2017-06-27
The CN booklet
The CN booklet is available now.
date 2014-05-26
update 2017-06-14
The Conference Agenda
Information about speeches, sessions and other conference events.
date 2015-05-26
update 2017-05-31
Conference Transfers
Transfers from/to the airport.
date 2015-04-20
update 2017-06-13
The public repository
date 2017-06-14
update 2017-06-14
CN2017 conference venue
The CN2017 conference venue will be The Stonemout Castle.
date 2015-11-13
update 2017-05-16
Double blind peer reviews during the CN2017
General organization information
date 2007-03-14
update 2017-05-17
The Conference CN2017
General invitation
date 2016-07-26
update 2017-06-14























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