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The streaming platform for online conference is Zoom.
You can get more information about Zoom from:

Topic: 27th Science Conference on Computer Networks
Time: Jun 23, 2020 09:00 AM CET (Warsaw) GMT+1
Join by direct link: Zoom
or use your Zoom application with:
- meeting ID: 798 009 0318
- password: 078062

Please join before session is started. There is no possibility to test your connection during sessions.
Before the first session the system will be on. There are also 'coffee breaks' scheduled between sessions. We encourage you to join earlier and to check your connection and equipment.

You can use either the Zoom application (need to be installed on your computer) or web browser.
We will arrange the ‘before the meeting’ for testing the connections and the AV infrastructure.
The test meeting is scheduled for the June 23, 2020 9:00-10:45 AM (CEST).
We kindly ask you to install the Zoom application and check your devices first.

During the session, the speakers will be enabled by our technical support. Each speaker gets the status of a co-host and can share the screen or application window.
Please stick to the time limit.
We encourage you to turn on your camera while speaking. We also suggest using headphones instead of speakers, if possible.

The conference will be transmitted also on Youtube and posted on Facebook.

The spare platforms are:
- Webex,
- Edumeet
- MSTeams.
Please connect via these links only if the Zoom session is broken.
date 2020-06-01
update 2020-06-19

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