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Your speech must be delivered online.
You will get the co-host status during your speech. As a co-host you can share your screen or application with your slides.
We encourage you to turn on your camera during your speech.

The public repository (CN archives)

You can upload your presentation here.
This repository is public, so any CN participant can read and write the content.
If your presentation is not secret and can be disseminated among researchers community, we strongly encourage you to upload your presentation.
Please use the file naming convention: yourname_index.***
***We support files PDF (pdf is recommended), ppt, pptx (2010), odp.

IEEE Networking Tips:

Maximize Your Conference Experience
One advantage of attending a conference is the opportunity to network with others in your field. Follow these tips to get the most out of your next conference experience.
Tip #1: Before you leave for the conference, do some research about the speakers and other attendees. Make a list of those you’d most like to meet, and try to have a specific objective in mind that will help guide your conversations effectively. Better yet, reach out via e-mail to each person you’d like to meet to ask if they can set aside a few minutes.
Tip #2: At the conference, make sure you are available to meet up with your contacts during the times you’ve agreed on.
Tip #3: Be open to spontaneous connections. Circulate around the room during breaks and networking times. Remember—others are also trying to expand their networks.
Tip #4: Remember to bring business cards. A good practice is to keep a few cards in your wallet or phone case. Being prepared to make a connection makes a good first impression.

date 2017-06-14
update 2020-06-17

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