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Associated Events

Special session: Keynote Lectures

In addition to regular sessions, a few lectures provided by invited experts are planned.

  • more details soon...

Special session: IEEE

The conference has the technical co-sponsoring of the IEEE. Thus, some IEEE speeches will be delivered by representatives of IEEE PS.

  • more details soon...

WIP session: Work in Progress

We would like to invite you to participate in the WIP special session held as a part of the Conference. The goal of this special session is to bring together scientists, researchers, engineers, and students to share their ideas and research results being in progress. The proceedings of this session is published by SUT Press in the Studia Informatica series.

  • more details soon...

Special session: Partners' Session

Like in the previous years, talks by the representatives of our Partners are planned.

  • more details soon...

Special session: Students' Session

We invite students's academic clubs to participation. The main goal is to exchange ideas and present activities. It is a possibility to publish a proceedings of this session.
Please email in this case to:

  • more details soon...

Special sessions/Workshops/Tutorials

We call for special sessions/workshops/tutorials proposals till February 2017.

Social Events


On the third day of the conference a tourist trip is planned.
Start about 2 pm. Total time approx. 4-5 hours.

Gala & Regional Dinners

On the second day of the conference a gala dinner is planned.
Dress code: informal attire (business casual wear expected).

On the third day a meeting at the barbecue is planned as usual. Unfortunately, no highlander music this year.
Dress code: casual/business casual.

Sport Events

On the first day a football match is planned as usual.
Start about 8 pm.
























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