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Conference Proceedings and Publications

Path 1
Publisher: Springer

All accepted papers in English will be included in proceedings published by Springer in the CCIS series which is abstracted (indexed) by DBLP, EI, Scopus and it is submitted for the inclusion in ISI Proceedings and Inspec.
Thus, the papers are available in Web of Knowledge (Web of Science) database. However, the availability is often with one year delay and is up to decision of service owner.
The papers published in proceedings of the CN2009 to the CN2019 conference editions have been already indexed by the Web of Science database.
You can check it at

We expect only full papers (10-15 pages). The longer ones, up to 20 pages, are possible. It is up to decision of proceedings' Editors and need a surcharge. The minimum length is 8 pages, in special cases.
Poster session and messages are not planned. All papers are triple reviewed (blind) at least, by the members of Technical Program Committee. Cross-links between papers (chapters) are allowed.
For the sake of publishing process all terms should be strictly obeyed and we kindly ask for following the terms without any delay.

Information about series
Springer-Verlag, Germany
CCIS: Communications in Computer and Information Science (ISSN 1865-0929).

Path 2
Publisher: SUT Press

Selected and accepted papers will be included in monographic book by Studia Informatica series.

Information about series
Silesian University Press, Poland
SI: Studia Informatica (PL ISSN 1642-0489 (former 0208-7286)).

The paths are separable and cannot be combined with the same paper.

CN publications

There are dozens of books published due to the conference events. Papers from the most of them are available through our web site. Books without e-version are available in Polish libraries.

The CCIS volumes from the current and the previous years are available online via SpringerLink:

Please be advised that all English-language proceedings from of editions CN'08 are additionally covered by InSpec database.

Read this!!

Please remember that the rating of CCIS depends also on you. There are several ways to increase chances of citations:

  • Abstract should be very well written with a good sell of ideas, so actually paper will be either downloaded or bought and read.
  • Title must include as many keywords as possible so search engines should be able to find the paper.
  • The text must be well written so many people may follow and understand it. This is often not just a matter of using proper English, but also pertains to the way the message is organized. It is always good idea to ask someone outside of the area to read it to check it so see if he/she understands the paper. If people have difficulties to understanding your written delivery there is a very slim chance that it will be cited.
  • Authors have to remember about their paper and try to cite it as frequently as possible. Please notice the Thompson-Reuters uses some conferences to calculate journal citations.
  • You may want to encourage researches working in a similar area to work toward mutual citations.
  • Try to cite your previous papers and your colleagues as well.

I would like to inform you about additional possibilities of publication related to the International Science Conference on Computer Networks. We know that for some of our guests a paper publication is equally important as the conference itself. Our proceedings have a relatively good impact for computer science community. However, you can submit your subject as a post-conference paper to the following journals:

  • Studia Informatica (Polish or English)
  • Napedy i Sterowanie (Polish)

The Publishers reserve the right to paper selection, performing additional reviews, and paper rejection. So we do not guarantee success with such a post-conference submission. A post-conference paper shall be a new paper (it has to have a new title, new tables, new figures, and at least 50% of its content should be modified). However, it should consider the same subject (including new considerations, research results, conclusions, etc.). The possibility of submitting a paper to the post-conference edition will be available on a participation form. The form is not available yet. It will be provided at the end of the review process.


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