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Topic: Redefining Blockchain: Current Standards, Architecture Approaches and Challenges

Abstract: The core concept of blockchain is defined as a state machine replication between nodes, maintained by a distributed protocol. Over time, however, an open availability of first protocols and distributed governance of initially developed applications made a concise definition hard to achieve. The first purpose of this presentation is to introduce up to date blockchain semantics. Next objective is to reorder the current landscape by separating core characteristics of blockchain from optional components and to describe their purpose. Later on, a common taxonomy based on findings in previous exercise will be set up in order to better understand architecture approaches proposed in various blockchain projects and to identify commonalities between them. Eventually, this will lead to a list of challenges that present an opportunity for further research. Throughout the presentation, data from a cross-comparison of several blockchain platforms will be used. The intended result of this presentation will be a snapshot of capabilities and limitations related to a blockchain technology as of today. This information may benefit not only academic researchers interested in blockchain technology but also the business and technical community, keen to build new solutions with its use.

Keywords: Distributed computing, distributed ledger technologies, Self-organization, self-stabilization, dynamic network, end to end security, autonomic computing, peer-to-peer networks

Key Speaker: Maciej JĘDRZEJCZYK (IT Architect, IBM CEE Blockchain team, Poland)

Maciej Jędrzejczyk has been affiliated with IBM since 2011 where he holds a role of an IT architect. Maciej is building a critical mass of support by evangelizing enterprise adoption of blockchain in CEE region and leverages blockchain technology to design business solutions in a variety of industry areas. Since 2016, Maciej represents IBM in a Stream for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, an initiative launched by Polish Ministry of Digitization. He is also a member of Fintech workgroup within the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications. Maciej is a crypto enthusiast, as well as a keen supporter of distributed autonomous organizations and digital singularity.


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