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CN2020 Patronage

NCBR - The National Centre for Research and Development


Support of the Polish research units and enterprises in developing their abilities to create and use solutions based on scientific research results in order to encourage economy development and to the benefit of society.

CN2020 Partners

Springer Publishing House

Springer CCIS Series

The CCIS series is devoted to the publication of proceedings of computer science conferences. Its aim is to efficiently disseminate original research results in informatics in printed and electronic form. While the focus is on publication of peer-reviewed full papers presenting mature work, inclusion of reviewed short papers reporting on work in progress is welcome, too. Besides globally relevant meetings with internationally representative program committees guaranteeing a strict peer-reviewing and paper selection process, conferences run by societies or of high regional or national relevance are also considered for publication.

Clarivate Analytics

Clarivate Analytics is an independent company that owns and operates a collection of subscription- based services "focused on scientific and academic research, patent analytics and regulatory standards, pharmaceutical and biotech intelligence, trademark protection, domain brand protection and intellectual property management." The services focus largely on analytics. It has over 4,000 employees, operates in more than 100 countries, and owns Web of Science, Cortellis, Derwent Innovation, Derwent World Patents Index, CompuMark, MarkMonitor, Techstreet, Publons, and EndNote, among others.

Clarivate Analytics was formerly the Intellectual Property and Science business of Thomson Reuters until 2016, when it was acquired by corporate investors and spun off into an independent company.

Web of Science

Web of Science is a platform consisting of several literature search databases designed to support scientific and scholarly research. It is an online subscription-based scientific citation indexing service originally produced by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), provides a comprehensive citation search. It gives access to multiple databases that reference cross-disciplinary research, which allows for in- depth exploration of specialized sub-fields within an academic or scientific discipline.

There are databases with a subject focus like Medline, BIOSIS Citation Index, and Zoological Record; databases with a document type focus like Derwent Innovations Index (patents) and Data Citation Index (datasets and data studies); and databases highlighting content from regions around the world.

Web of Science Core Collection is our premier resource on the platform and includes over 22,000 peer-reviewed, high-quality scholarly journals published worldwide (including Open Access journals); over 190,000 conference proceedings; and over 85,000 editorially selected books.

International Organization iNEER

A global professional organization formed by the world engineering community to promote mutual progress in teaching and learning through international cooperation, iNEER is a non-profit based in Potomac, Maryland, USA that seek to promote development of international understanding and partnership through information sharing. The widening network of educators and researchers covers 98 countries, and is linked through the iNEER website, archival publications, electronic communication system and various conferences, workshops, and retreats. Membership in the network is free to all educators and researchers who support the iNEER mission and may be obtained by contacting the Secretariat at: 10817 Willow Run Court, Potomac, MD 20854, U.S.A.

Bombardier Inc.

We have pioneered many game-changing technologies over the years. We do not know how the transportation sector will look in another 100 years, and without doubt it will be very different from how it is today. However, what we do know is that Bombardier will be instrumental in shaping that future of rail, showing the same passion and pioneering spirit that has defined the company over the last 100 years to optimize the flow of trains.

Bombardier Transportation is the largest international investor in Poland’s rail transportation industry and offers a broad portfolio of rolling stock products for passenger services and complete transport systems. There are four Bombardier Transportation sites in Poland, i.e. in Katowice, Lodz, Wroclaw and Warsaw at which over 2000 people are employed in total.

Bombardier Transportation (ZWUS) Polska Sp. z o.o. in Katowice is a market - leading provider of rail traffic management, control and supervision systems. The equipment and systems designed and manufactured in Katowice have successfully been used on railway lines, at industrial plant stations, in metro and in tram transport applications. Advanced technologies combined with the topquality products and services offered and highly qualified Polish managers and experts represent the most significant assets owing to which the site has for over 90 years been a reliable, proven and dependable partner.

Media patronage of CN2020

Napędy i Sterowanie - Drives and Control: scientific & technical monthly

Scientific-Technical Monthly Magazine „Drives and Control” is active since 1999 in its current shape. This nationwide magazine is read by many readers, including 3000 subscribers. Magazine is dedicated to the wide group of readers who are interested in topic of drives, industrial automatics, power electronics, control and measurement equipment, supply systems, pneumatics, robotics as well as CAD/CAM/CAE. „Drives and Control” is desirable to many specialist of technical universities, research and development centres, thermal energy, mechanical engineering, agri-food and mills, mines, construction offices.
Our editorial office make an efford to give readers the newest information about products, interesting applications and with developing technical view. Magazine cooperate with many global companies which represents Industry automation and drive technologies. Editorial „Drives and Control” is situated at Sielsia that is why topic of mining industry is very especially close for us. Magazine presents many of repairs and upgrades of mining companies.
Magazine „Drives and Control” takes a part in such events as: conferences and fair for industry, additionally we are the patronage. Our editorial organizes the conferences for the specialist in automatic and construction industry. The scientific board takes care of the merits part of our magazine. Scientific Board Members guarante profesionalism and quality of the articles.


CN2020 Patronage


CN2020 Partners

Springer CCIS Series SI Series iNEER


CN2020 Media Patronage

Drives and Control

CN2020 Technical Co-sponsors

IEEE Poland Section

Institute of Informatics The Silesian University of Technology, ul. Akademicka 16, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland

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