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Conference fee

Full participation fee contains all compounds except publication. The fee is obligatory to become a conference participant.
All available possibilities are as follows:
  • Full participation: 1600 PLN (400 EUR)
    (3 full days of the conference including meals and accommodation, conference proceedings & stuff, additional events)
    Accommodation: 800 PLN
    Conference fee: 800 PLN
    (notice: papers submission needs a surcharge according to the list below)
  • Accompanying person: 1200 PLN (300 EUR)
    (participation in all conference events, meals and accommodation, additional events, no conference proceedings & stuff, only together with full participant)
  • Participation only in Special Sessions: 400 PLN (100 EUR)
    (1 day, meals and accommodation, no conference stuff)
    This option regards only to Special Session participation.
    (notice: paper submissions for special sessions needs a surcharge according to list below. Discounts does not apply to the Special Session participation.)
  • Student: 0 PLN (0 EUR)
    (participation in sessions, without benefits)
    NO accommodation
    Conference fee: 0 PLN (0 EUR))
  • Surcharges/Discounts:

    Conference options
    - 100 PLN (-25 EUR): discount for IEEE members
    - 100 PLN (-25 EUR): discount for regular participants (min. 4 years continuously)
    - 100 PLN (-25 EUR): discount for Program Committee members
    + 0 PLN (0 EUR): insurance (accident & health only for foreigners)
    + 400 PLN (100 EUR): surcharge to additional set of conference stuff (books and other)

    Publication options
    + 450 PLN (110 EUR): surcharge to each paper to regular proceedings (up to 12 pages)
    + 250 PLN (60 EUR): surcharge to each paper to session WIP (up to 12 pages)
    + 100 PLN (25 EUR): surcharge to each page above 12 (total number of pages up to 15, in special cases up to 20)

    Accommodation options
    + 450 PLN (110 EUR): surcharge to a single room (limited number)
    + 250 PLN (60 EUR): surcharge to one-day-before arrival


Discounts do not add up.
Discounts only refers to the full participation fee.
Values in Euro depend on current PLN/EUR rates and may be changed.
All settlements are made in PLN. Payments in EUR will be converted into PLN during bank transfers.
During the conference we can operate with PLN only. Currency exchange is possible in a bank or exchange office.
- The payment options are available to choose from, on the participation form. The form is individually unlocked.
- Standard room is a double. You can choose a roommate while submitting the participation form.
- Nonstandard rooms require additional charges.
- You can redeem a single room while confirming a participation. The single rooms number is limited, thus if no option is available, then it means no single rooms left.
- One-day-before arrival and longer stay are possible with a surcharge.
- One of the publication condition of the article is to pay a fee in accordance with the deadlines.
- Charge for partial participation, participation without accommodation, and for a publication only is not expected.
- The values could be slightly changed till January.

Each accepted paper must have at least one author who pays for:
- full participation,
- paper surcharge.
At least one author of each accepted paper is required to attend the conference to present the work.

The total fee should be paid by bank transfer according to the following data:

Name of account holder: Politechnika Slaska/Silesian University of Technology
The bank name: ING Bank Slaski S.A. O/Gliwice
(bank account numer):
PL 60 1050 1230 1000 0002 0211 3056
Seller Address: ul. Akademicka 2A
44-100 Gliwice, Poland

In the transfer title please write: Conference CN2018 and the name of the participant.

Tax Identification Number of Silesian University of Technology: PL 631-020-07-36

The current exchange rate of Polish National Bank:
Please take into consideration the bank charges while the payment.
























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