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The Silesian University of Technology
Institute of Informatics
Polish Academy of Sciences
Section of Computer Network and Distributed Systems

Conference CN2015

22nd International Science Conference:
Computer Networks - CN2015

June 16-19, 2015, Brunów Palace, Brunów near Lwówek ¦l±ski

The CN Conference is dedicated to all activities related to computer networks, distributed computer systems, communications and teleinformatics.

The conference has been organized every year since 1994. The conference is the first and oldest in Poland on the subject of computer networks. In year 2015, it will be the twenty-second edition.

Please familiarize with the details of the Conference by menu items.

The conference is over now. Thank you for participation and see you next year!

CN2015 Awards

Awards and Distinctions

Analysis of the Survey Results

Analysis of the Survey Results from 2009 till 2015


The CN2015 Conference Agenda.























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