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Conference CN`11

The International Science Conference:
Computer Networks - CN`11
June 14-18, 2011
The CN Conference is dedicated to all of activities related to computer networks and distributed computer systems.
The conference has been organized by the Computer Science Institute every year since 1994. The conference is the first and oldest in Poland on the subject of computer networks. In year 2011, it will be the eighteenth Polish national and the fourth international edition. The IEEE is our technical co-organizer.

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On Tuesday, July 28, 2011 we lost our friend and colleague, Professor Stefan Wegrzyn, who died at age 86. He was an honorary member of the `Computer Networks` Program Committee.


Information about series:
CCIS vol.160
Studia Informatica

Online versions:
CCIS vol.160

SI Vol.32, No. 3A (98)

Best Paper Award

  • for: Marek Sawerwain, Roman Gielerak
    paper title: "
    Quantum information transfer protocols: a model and its numerical simulations"


  • for: Jerzy Martyna
    paper title: "The Least Squares SVM Approach for a Non-Linear Channel Prediction in the MIMO System"
  • for: Oleg Tikhonenko
    paper title: "Queueing Systems with Common Buffer: A Theoretical Treatment"
  • for: Józef Woźniak, Przemyslaw Machan, Krzysztof Gierlowski, Michal Hoeft, Michal Lewczuk
    paper title: "Comparative analysis of IP-based mobility protocols and fast handover algorithms in IEEE 802.11 based WLANs"
  • for: Tadeusz Czachórski; Krzysztof Grochla; Adam Józefiok; Tomasz Nycz
    paper title: "
    Performance evaluation of a multiuser interactive networking system – a comparison of modelling methods"


There is a possibility to commute by bus from Katowice and Krakow on Monday 13.06.2011. The bus has a departure from Krakow about 2pm and from Katowice about 5pm. The persons who are interested, are requested to send an e-mail. Places are limited.

The agenda is available from the main menu above (item: Conference). The detailed timetable is located in announcement no. 2.

FULL PAPER SUBMISSION to review was available till February 18, 2011 (postponed from Feb. 15).

Polish language: Studia Informatica (Gliwice, Poland)
English language: Springer CCIS (indexed by ISI Proceedings and by Scopus) (Germany)


  • The Seminar of the Future Internet Engineering project
    (details about the project are available on the webpage:
  • The Dell's workshop entitled: `Another Innovative Approach to Virtualized Storage and SAN Network`
    Key Speaker: Grzegorz Fruba, Dell, POLAND
  • The SAP presentation entitled: `Expectations of job market regarding to graduate in computer science (part two)`
    Key Speaker: Karol Dworak, SAP, POLAND
  • Tutorial on `Mobile Phone Security, Interception and Forensics`
    Key Speaker: Iosif I. Androulidakis, Telephony Department in the Network Operations Center of the University of Ioannina, GREECE
  • Key-note lecture entitled: `On PCA-based Network Anomaly Detection`
    Key Speaker: Michele Pagano, University of Pisa, ITALY
  • Key-note lecture entitled: `New trends in Optical Networks`
    Key Speaker: Tülin Atmaca, Institut National de Télécommunication, FRANCE 

    (details) (cancelled)
  • Key-note lecture entitled: `Computer Continuity Management in distraction systems of management and steering`
    Key Speaker: Prof. Andrzej Grzywak, WSB, POLAND
  • Key-note lecture on Molecular Networks entitled: `The compositions and structures of atoms, molecules and molecular computing systems`
    Key Speaker: Prof. Stefan Węgrzyn, IITIS PAN, POLAND

  • Key-note lecture entitled: `Comparative analysis of IP-based mobility protocols and fast handover algorithms in IEEE 802.11 based WLANs`
    Key Speaker: prof. Józef Woźniak, GUT, POLAND
  • Key-note lecture entitled: `QoS-aware services delivery in SOA based systems`
    Key Speaker: prof. Adam Grzech, WUT, POLAND
  • Lecture within IEEE session entitled: `Tips for Getting a Transactions Article Published`
    Key Speaker: Jacek Izydorczyk, IEEE, SUT, POLAND

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