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Conference CN`10

The International Science Conference:
Computer Networks - CN`10
June 15-19 2010
The CN Conference is dedicated to all of activities related to computer networks and distributed computer systems.

The conference has been organized by the Computer Science Institute every year since 1994.
The conference is the oldest one in Poland considers computer networks subject.
In year 2010, it will be the seventeenth Polish national edition and the second international edition of the Conference.

Polish language: WKŁ (Warsaw, Poland)
English language: Springer CCIS (indexed by ISI Proceedings and by Scopus) (Germany)
CCIS 79 is now available online.
You can find information about it at or access the online version at

The 17th edition Prizes:
The Best Paper Award
Robert Wójcicki, Przemysław Skurowski, and Grzegorz Hryń
„Dryf termiczny serwera NTP kalibrowanego urządzeniem GPS”

Beata Bylina and Jarosław Bylina
”Analysis of parallel iterative solution methods for Markovian models of call centers”

Adam Piórkowski, Adrian Hajduk, Jacek Strzelczyk, and Aleksander Kempny
”Load Balancing for Heterogeneous Web Servers”

Przemysław Skurowski, Robert Wójcicki, and Zbigniew Jerzak
"Evaluation of IP transmission jitter estimators using One-Way Active Measurement Protocol (OWAMP)”

Marek Sawerwain and Roman Gielerak
”GPGPU based simulations for one and two dimensional quantum walks”

The Best Presentation
Roman Gielerak
“Entanglement in general multipartite quantum systems and its role in quantum information processing tasks”

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