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Conference CN`09

The International Science Conference:
Computer Networks - CN`09

June 16-20, 2009
The CN Conference is dedicated to all of activities related to computer networks and distributed computer systems.

The conference has been organized by the Computer Science Institute every year since 1994.
In year 2009, it will be the second international and sixteenth Polish national edition of the Conference.
Additionally we will have as a guest the GIT seminar (

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The Best Paper Award have been won by prof. Stefan Wegrzyn.
The 2nd degree awards have been won by:
- Jolanta Wrzuszczak
- Jakub Czajka
- Grażyna Suchacka

Publication CCIS 39 by Springer Berlin Heidelberg is now available on-line:
- info about product,
- on-line version.
Additional document from SAP: "Oczekiwania rynku pracy wobec absolwenta informatyki".

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